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Daikin offers the widest voltage range, 160 to 265V, for an AVS free operation.

  • Limits both maximum running current and maximum power consumption with Econo Mode.

  • Coanda airflow operation that will give you the best A/C experience. The powerful air draft does not fall on your head directly, but it is steered upward letting air circulate into the corners of the room, creating a comfortable ambience.

  • Whisper quiet operation

  • Exclusive Daikin Inverter Swing Compressor

  • Up to 50% less energy consumption than traditional systems

  • Quick Cooling: 1.5 times faster than traditional systems.

  • The hydrophilic blue fin coating will protect the condenser coil against corrosion, for a longer life span, even under corrosive environment, with cooling performance maintained optimal.

  • Built-in Stabilizer

  • Self-Diagnosis Function - The machine auto-detects the errors and shows the related code on the remote controller screen. If an error occurs, you can easily self-diagnose it and report it to your Daikin authorized service provider for a quick resolution.

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